Welcome to my home on the web. My name is Mark O. Chapman and I am the author of Scout Squad: Going Native and now I am releasing my second book Tales of the Blue Knight: Becoming a Knight. The Blue Knight is a fantasy novel. It will be available in paperback, hard cover and via Kindle, Sony, and Barnes and Noble Nook. For a synopsis of the book, please see the Blue Knight page. I can be reached for comments via email...I would love to hear from you when you read the book.

April News
Scout Squad: Going Native is now available via Kindle.

Mark has also started a new blog at http://markochapman.blogspot.com/.

March News
I will be attending Ravencon (a weekend celebrating the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror) from April 9th through 11th in Richmond Virginia. Please see my links page for more information. I will be in the Dealer's room selling and signing books.

On another note, my second book is moving along. Tales of the Blue Knight: Becoming a Knight has received a glowing review from the editorial review from my publisher. We are working through a copy edit to clean it up a little more and then it will be on its way to production. I am hoping to have it done by early summer, if not sooner.

Thanks for stopping by and I will post more updates soon.

Old News

August News
I am starting the final edits on the first book in my new series of books. The new novel will be named: Tales of the Blue Knight: Becoming a Knight. I hope to have this published around the holidays, but I am not certain of the exact dates of publication; there are many factors that can change when this will be ready for the stores. I have signed up with iUniverse again, as I was very pleased with the quality of my new book and the professionalism of everyone involved. Please note the new tab on the left for the Blue Knight series page. I will update this often as I complete the steps to publication.

July News
I spent three days in Hunt Valley Maryland attending Shore Leave 31, my first Science Fiction convention. It was a truly amazing experience. I sold 15 books and I am hoping others that expressed interest will go out and buy it online. The Wheaton Borders manager stopped by my table and has agreed to set up a signing if he can get my books through the major distributors (and it is available). I met some great people at Shore Leave and I had a great time. I met another new writer and a link to her web page can be found on my links page.